About Speedotron

Speedotron introduced its affordable and durable flash lighting system to the U.S. photographic market in 1939. From the beginning, Speedotron equipment was designed and built for the real world. Throughout the years Speedotron products have evolved to meet the changing needs of professional photographers. Speedotron has continually increased the quality, durability, safety and value that one would expect from the Speedotron name. Photographers through out the country depend upon Brown Line and Black Line systems to make their products pop, people shine and interiors glow. Even in an ever changing, global marketplace, Speedotron lighting systems are still renowned for delivering years and years of consistent, accurate and dependable power. All Speedotron equipment and systems are made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality components available.

Speedotron Product

Two lines designed for photographers with different needs. The Brown Line is often considered a "Portrait system" and the Black Line a "Commercial system". Both have the same quality, reliability and longevity when used normally.The Brown Line is a greater value for those who do not need to use motor drive cameras at fast rates and very high power. Black Line is the choice for those who need the speed and power.